5 Things You MUST HAVE in Your Wedding Bar!


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5 Things You MUST HAVE in Your Wedding Bar!

Planning a wedding involves countless details, but one of the highlights of any reception is the bar. Ensuring your wedding bar is well-stocked and beautifully set up can make your celebration memorable for all the right reasons. Here are five must-have items for your wedding bar that you can find on Fumai Furniture, known for its quality and stylish designs.

5 Things You MUST HAVE in Your Wedding Bar

1. Elegant Bar Stools

Comfortable and chic bar stools are essential for creating a stylish and functional wedding bar. They provide a place for guests to sit and enjoy their drinks while mingling.

Product Recommendation:

  • Modern Leather Bar Stool – $150 each
  • Rustic Wooden Bar Stool – $130 each

These bar stools combine comfort with elegance, perfect for any wedding theme.

2. Classy Bar Table

A bar table serves as the centerpiece of your bar area. It should be both functional and attractive, providing ample space for drinks and decorations.

Product Recommendation:

  • Glass Top Bar Table – $300
  • Marble Counter Bar Table – $450

These tables offer a sophisticated look that will impress your guests.

3. Sophisticated Bar Cart

A bar cart adds an element of flexibility and style. It’s perfect for mobile service and showcasing your finest bottles and glassware.

Product Recommendation:

  • Gold Finish Bar Cart – $200
  • Vintage Wooden Bar Cart – $250

These options are ideal for adding a touch of luxury and convenience to your wedding bar.

4. Stylish Glassware Set

Having high-quality glassware enhances the drinking experience and adds a touch of elegance to your bar setup.

Product Recommendation:

  • Crystal Wine Glass Set (Set of 6) – $75
  • Classic Cocktail Glass Set (Set of 6) – $65

These sets are perfect for toasting on your special day.

5. Decorative Shelving

Decorative shelving behind the bar not only provides storage but also serves as a display for your finest liquors and bar accessories.

Product Recommendation:

  • Floating Wall Shelves – $100 each
  • Ladder Shelf Unit – $180

These shelves offer both practicality and style, completing your wedding bar look.


Creating a perfect wedding bar involves selecting the right furniture and accessories that combine style, functionality, and comfort. At Fumai Furniture, you can find everything you need to set up a stunning bar that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Visit Fumai Furniture’s website to explore these products and more, and ensure your wedding bar is the highlight of your celebration!

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