Adding a wedding bar to your outdoor celebration


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Adding a wedding bar to your outdoor celebration

Adding a wedding bar

Decorating an outdoor wedding bar can add to the overall atmosphere of your wedding celebration. Here are some tips on how to decorate your outdoor wedding bar:


Use signage to guide guests to the bar area and to list the drink options available. You can use chalkboards, wooden signs, or even neon signs to add a personalized touch.


Create a romantic and warm atmosphere by adding string lights or lanterns around the bar area. You can also use candlelight or subtle up-lighting to enhance the ambiance.


Choose comfortable and durable outdoor furniture that fits the style and theme of your bar. Consider adding bar stools or chairs for seating and a table for guests to place their drinks.

Flowers and greenery:

Add a touch of elegance by incorporating flowers and greenery into your bar area. You can use floral arrangements, garlands, or potted plants to create a natural and organic feel.

Glassware and drinkware:

Use unique and stylish glassware and drinkware to add a personalized touch to your bar area. You can use vintage glasses, custom cocktail napkins, or even personalized drink stirrers.

Decorative accents:

Add some personality to your bar area by incorporating decorative accents such as artwork, sculptures, or outdoor rugs. You can also add a chalkboard or whiteboard for guests to write messages or leave notes.

Bar accessories:

Display your bar tools and accessories such as shakers, strainers, and glasses for a stylish and functional touch. You can also add a beverage dispenser or ice bucket for convenience.


Remember to coordinate your bar decor with the overall theme and color palette of your wedding to ensure that everything is cohesive and visually appealing. And most importantly, make sure your bar area is functional and easily accessible for guests to enjoy.

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