Designing a Kid-Friendly Wedding Reception Area


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Designing a Kid-Friendly Wedding Reception Area

Creating a special area for children at your wedding reception can ensure that both kids and parents have a great time. Here are some tips for setting up a kid-friendly space with suitable furniture.

Designing a Kid-Friendly Wedding Reception Area

1. Kid-Sized Tables and Chairs

Kid-sized tables and chairs are essential for children to comfortably enjoy their meals and activities.

  • Kid-Sized Table Set: These sets typically include one table and four to six chairs, perfect for arts, crafts, and dining. Prices range from $100 to $300 depending on the material and design.

2. Soft Seating

Comfortable seating options like bean bags and soft chairs provide a cozy place for kids to relax.

  • Bean Bags: These are a hit with kids and come in various colors and sizes. Prices range from $30 to $80 each.
  • Soft Chairs: Child-sized lounge chairs or small sofas are great for reading or quiet play. Prices range from $50 to $150 each.

3. Play Mats and Rugs

Soft play mats or rugs can define the play area and provide a safe, comfortable surface for kids.

  • Play Mats: Interlocking foam mats are easy to clean and provide cushioning. Prices range from $40 to $100.
  • Rugs: Fun, themed rugs can add color and comfort to the area. Expect to spend between $50 and $120.

4. Storage Solutions

Keeping the area tidy is easier with appropriate storage for toys, books, and games.

  • Storage Bins and Shelves: Kid-friendly storage solutions like colorful bins and low shelves make it easy for children to access and put away their items. Prices range from $30 to $100.

5. Activity Tables

Activity tables are versatile pieces of furniture that can be used for various activities, from drawing to building blocks.

  • Activity Table: Look for tables with built-in storage for art supplies or construction toys. Prices range from $60 to $200.

6. Safety Features

Ensure that all furniture is safe for children to use.

  • Rounded Corners: Choose furniture with rounded edges to prevent injuries.
  • Stable Designs: Ensure that tables and chairs are sturdy and won’t tip over easily.

By incorporating these furniture pieces into your wedding reception, you can create a welcoming and enjoyable space for the children attending your special day. This thoughtful setup not only keeps kids entertained but also allows parents to relax and enjoy the celebration.

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