How To Host Winter Outdoor Parties


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How to host winter outdoor parties

Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean you can’t party, and the snow and cold temperatures shouldn’t keep you indoors. After all, you have a backyard. Why should you be kept from using it half the year?

The idea of a wintertime outdoor party comes as a surprise to most people, but it’s actually far more achievable than you might think. However, there is some special planning involved. How do you prepare for an outdoor party in the winter, and what makes it different from any old summertime party?

This article will help answer that question. From cold-weather party tents to tables and chairs, the following is everything you should keep in mind to plan the perfect winter party.

host winter outdoor parties


First of all, let’s discuss the obvious problem: in an outdoor winter party, how does everyone stay warm?

The answer to this question is actually somewhat multifaceted, and we’ll touch on it throughout this guide. From serving the right foods to recommending the best activities, there’s a lot that goes into keeping people warm and happy in cooler temperatures.

Next, even though you’ll be outdoors, you should still provide a way for guests to warm themselves. Trudging into the house every fifteen minutes is an obviously bad idea since it would be a pain for guests and result in a lot of clean-up for you. Instead, consider renting a heated party tent for the occasion.

The size of the tent you rent will depend on how many guests you’re having. If you want to seat everyone at the table and chair inside the tent, multiply your guest count by 15 square feet. For a casual standing room, multiply your guest count by eight square feet. Add an additional two or three square feet for dancing.


As mentioned earlier, the activities you and your guests will engage in should help you keep warm. To start with, even if you already have a heated tent set up, you should have a bonfire or outdoor fireplace set up as well. After all, what’s the point in being outdoors if you’ve got to stay inside the tent all the time?

Roasting marshmallows, hotdogs, and other foods over the fire is a good activity for your guests. It also allows everyone to cook their own dinner when they want to — you wouldn’t even have to prepare anything else if you wanted to keep things simple. Get table and chair and have these set up around the fire for easy eating.

Next, snowball fights and sledding can be great group activities if there’s snow on the ground. Depending on the age and comfortable activity level of your guests, any activities involving a lot of movement will be great during the winter. Even classic games like tag and hide-and-seek could work.

If your guests are more mature and less active, they might prefer sitting around the fire to talk. Try to situate your fire and sitting area so that there are good windbreaks where you need them, just in case there’s a breeze that day. Also, be sure the fire is located safely away from the tent to avoid damaging it.


Besides hotdogs and marshmallows, try to have some warming foods available for your guests. Special pastries that can be cooked over a fire are always fun. Soups, ciders, and warm drinks are obvious choices. You don’t have to have an entire meal of heated foods, however: just make sure most of your dishes contain warming spices, such as cinnamon and cayenne pepper.

Anything that can be grilled, such as steaks and hamburgers, is also a good idea. Having the grill up and running can help keep everyone warm, especially if your bonfire isn’t burning nicely right when everyone arrives.

From table and chair buying to party activities, these are all the tips you need to plan your own wintertime outdoor party. When you’re ready to buy party furniture to keep your guests warm, rely on Fumai For an order today.


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