Judge Suppliers Differently


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Judge Suppliers Differently

Hello dear friends, Thanks for your time in reviewing this article, it can help you to have a better understanding and to choose a reliable supplier. And these are our opinions and understanding only, we posted it standing for the factory side.

Judge Suppliers Differently

Have you heard about these new suppliers?

It is well-known that everyone has experienced the pandemic for more than 3 years, and because of the pandemic situation various Chinese suppliers were sifted out for finance issues, no orders or they even closed their workshop or the showroom. Instead, few of the suppliers are newly coming out you may even haven’t heard about their names before. When you check on Alibaba, you may find out those new suppliers newly registered within 1 year as shown, they produced home furniture but now they switched to the wedding furniture area, it is a different quality standard between home furniture and wedding furniture.

How does a reliable supplier respond?

So how to choose a reliable supplier? As a factory, what frequent voice we receive from our customers is “Your price is too high”. Indeed you could always find out the lowest price in China. It depends on what market level you aim for. As far as we know, a reliable supplier may know you already have your own supplier, but they are still willing to talk with you and answer any questions you ask. With timely responses and with different ideas to make you feel at ease, Fumai Furniture is aimed at the mid and high-end market to provide you good quality, professional service, and timely delivery for more than 17 years.

The price list is coming from a trading company?

So how to identify a reliable supplier? Many trading companies are under the name of the factory, and while they are using our factory product pictures sharing to the customers, it is normal for our clients will do price comparisons with several suppliers. Actually, when you send out the “RFQ” to different suppliers, some suppliers will ask for the cost from us, could you believe it? So it is important to identify if they are a trading company and why their price is too much lower.

Price is really important?

Are you seriously worrying about the product quality and the timely delivery? Or does the price come first? Price is important but not the first. If I were the buyer, when I received various quotations I would screen out the lowest price and take out the highest one, If the rest suppliers’ prices are acceptable then additionally I would consider their quality standards, how is their service, and attitude, timely delivery and how about their after-sales service? Because what I want is a long-time business I don’t want to keep changing the suppliers.

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