Love a winter wedding have 7 reasons


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Love a winter wedding have 7 reasons

Winter: Your secret weapon to a stunning, dramatic, and downright magical wedding. From snow-capped mountains to easier planning, you’ll warm right up to these unique winter wedding advantages. If you’re a sucker for Hallmark holiday movies and sipping hot toddies in front of a roaring fire, then you’ll fall in love with the perks of having a wintertime wedding. It won’t be long before you’ll find yourself saying ‘I do’ to snow-kissed nuptials. Are you ready to get planning?

Let’s go!

Love a winter wedding


Let’s be honest: budgets are sexy! So, what better reason to tie the knot during the cooler months than some big ol’ price savings? If you play your cards right, you can save up to 20% on venue rental costs for off-season dates.

These savings make it possible to choose the pricey photographer of your dreams, treat your guests to an open bar, or splurge on that one-of-a-kind princess-style wedding dress, all without going over budget. Even better: put those savings towards a romantic getaway with your new spouse for a trip you’ll never forget. You may also find some amazing incentives from your venue and vendors to choose a winter wedding date: perhaps a complimentary champagne toast, free linen upgrades, or a discount on your ceremony fee. Most couples will find there’s a lot more bang for their buck with a winter wedding, and it’ll pay off long after you say I do.



Winter weddings have a clear advantage when it comes to the availability of wedding dates, venues, and vendor selection. There’s simply less competition, which puts you in the driving seat! You’ll be able to assemble your A-team to pull off the wedding you’ve always imagined, without sacrifice. Plus, with the current state of the world, availability for 2021 and 2022 is drying up fast, making a 2020 winter wedding sound sweeter than ever before.



Social commitments tend to stack up in the summer months, leading to what we call wedding season ‘fatigue.’ When every weekend is filled with a party, wedding, or camping trip — it’s wonderful — but also exhausting! You can reduce stress on yourself and your entire guest list by choosing an off-season date. There are so many advantages for you and your guests! First: you’ll save money! Travel and lodging tend to be more affordable during this time, making room for extras like a spa day or special dinner out. Second: more energy! Both you and your guests will bring so much more enthusiasm and energy to your special day, culminating in an all-night party, or epic brunch wedding fiesta.


Whether it’s the middle of June or tail-end of January, you can choose whatever colors you want to celebrate your special day. The winter months, however, create the absolute perfect backdrop for moody, romantic colors. Think deep burgundy and sage, black and gold, dark turquoise and blush.



Winter carries a uniquely romantic vibe whether you’re in a snow-capped wonderland in Colorado or lush green oasis in California. It’s a time dedicated to family gatherings, feasts, staying warm by the fire, and slowing down — perfect for celebrating love. Most people will tell you: there’s just something in the air this time of year.

Add to that, the gorgeous seasonal looks that deck the halls all season long. Make sure to ask your venue team what they love about winter decor — perhaps it’s silver and gold glamour, natural and whimsical with pine needles and berries, classic red and white with lace accents, or moody bohemian with rich jewel tones. These styles will only enhance your own vision and might save you a pretty penny on decor — enough to splurge on those stunning vintage chairs!



The winter weather and festive season set the perfect scene to incorporate amazing creative wedding ideas you love. We love a hot cocoa bar for your guests, a post-wedding sledding party, or a color palette featuring rich hues and textures inspired by the holidays. It’s also a wonderful excuse to go all-in on a theme wedding that’ll be extra special on a winter backdrop. Here are eight wedding theme ideas to get you started: Ice Queen, Starry Night, The Nutcracker, Santa’s Reindeer, Beauty & The Beast, Harry Potter, Evergreen Forest, Great Gatsby.


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