Luxury Furniture for Private Celebrations and Soirees


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Luxury Furniture for Private Celebrations and Soirees

The atmosphere and ambiance play a big part in an event being memorable for all the right reasons. Luxury furniture for private celebrations and soirees can create unforgettable memories by providing a comfortable and unique experience for guests.

With so many different types of luxury furniture available to buy, you can find something to make any type of event unique. While weddings and parties tend to be the first thing that comes to mind when you say event, corporate events, private dinners, and conferences can all be jazzed up with different tables, chairs, bars, and décor.

Luxury Furniture

How to Create an Unforgettable Event with Luxury Furniture

Use chairs that match the event theme.

Chairs take up more space in an event than you may think. Depending on the event or occasion, your guests may potentially be spending hours in them, so making them both visually appealing and comfortable is important.

While many event spaces will include chairs or allow you to use them, outsourcing the order to a luxury event furniture business will give you a lot more options.

Bamboo, timber or café-style chairs can instantly add character to an event, while still being simple. Bench seats with throws and cushions are also becoming increasingly popular, creating a more communal feel to an event.

Choose tables based on the aim of the event.

Do you want people to mingle? Are you keen to get people on the dance floor and have a good time? Will people be eating a sit-down meal? Would it be ideal to have space for people to write notes, such as at a conference?

The right tables can help you support your guests or encourage them to interact the way you envision at your event.

Communal long tables will help encourage people to speak to others they may not know, while still having enough room to eat. Small bar tables can stop people from forming big groups and help push people into other areas of the space, like a dance floor.

Make your bar a talking point.

People spend quite a lot of time congregating around food and beverage tables, and bars. So, taking the time and thought into what the bar will look like can be the finishing touch for an unforgettable event.

Instead of a traditional bar, you may even like to consider a drinks or food cart. Luxury furniture hire services will often have ‘tiki’ bars, wine barrel bars, different colored and themed carts, and more to help fit your theme.

Add comfort with couches and loveseats.

If your event has a more relaxed theme, such as an engagement party or garden get-together, then adding some lounges into the mix can instantly add comfort to your event. Add in some rugs to the mix and some mood lighting, and you have a cozy place to escape the main throngs of the event for people who need a quick break.

Lounge areas can also be a great place to put activity prompts, get-to-know-you games, disposable cameras, or guest books for weddings, parties, and events to help your guests create unforgettable memories.

Put the finishing touch on your event with luxury décor.

Rugs, candles, cushions, backdrops, and other décor can be the thing that turns your event from just another occasion to an unforgettable experience. These finishing touches can also help add character to plain corners or areas, draw people into features of your event (like a photo booth or activity), and in general, create a cozy and intimate feeling.

Tips for Styling Luxury Furniture at an Event

When styling your space to create unforgettable memories with luxury furniture for your private celebration or soiree, have some goals in mind. Do you want to make the space feel open and airy? Are you wanting an intimate vibe? Is your dream event chic and luxurious? Or do you want people up, dancing, and having the time of their life?

Luxury Furniture for Private Celebrations and Soirees

Buying furniture can help you create the feel you want for your event, as well as be functional. Adding backdrops and seating areas can block off parts of the space you don’t want people venturing into. While larger tables with plenty of seats can help encourage mingling between guests.

The best part is, when you buy furniture, there is often an event specialist who can help you achieve the look you’re after. It can take a lot of stress off your plate.

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