How To Plan Wedding Reception Layout


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Plan wedding reception layout

After the wedding date and location are decided and big vendors such as photographers are decided, almost half of the wedding preparation is done. But one important part remains. This is the reception layout because depending on how you decide on this part, the number and shape of tables, tents, lighting, and reception flower decorations can vary. Today, I’m going to give you some helpful tips when deciding on a wedding reception layout.

Plan Wedding Reception Layout

How to plan a wedding reception layout

1. Position the dance floor first

When deciding on the overall layout, it’s good to decide where to put the largest item first. If you have a dance floor or stage, the first thing you decide on the dance floor or stage position is the standard for placing other items. The dance floor is most commonly placed in the center, and when setting up a tent, all guests’ tables are placed inside the tent, and the dance floor is sometimes installed outside the tent.

2. Determine the shape of the tables

Tables usually come in round, rectangular and square. First of all, it’s good to decide whether to go to the sweetheart table where only two of the bride and groom sit on the head or the king’s table where the bridesmaids sit together. And you can decide the shape of the rest of the guest table. In the case of a large number of guests, it is possible to mix and match several shapes.

3. Arrange the tables

The most common types are straight, U-shaped, and banquet.

Straight type

If you have fewer than 20 guests, you can feel more family-like and intimate if you set up a rectangular table in a straight line. Even if there are many guests, depending on the nature of the wedding venue, for example, if the venue is long along the ocean view, it may be arranged on a date. However, if there are too many guests, it may be difficult for the guests sitting at the end to see the bride and groom, so we do not recommend more than 30 people.

U-shaped type

This is the most common and most effective layout for guests to see the bride and groom. The table is arranged on both sides based on the head table, and it is the most convenient because the traffic lines for guests are also open.

Banquet type

If you don’t have a dance floor, this is the layout you choose the most. It is a style of distributing round tables at regular intervals, and it is good for grouping guests into small groups. It is also the layout that can use the space most efficiently if there are many guests.


4. The table of the bride and groom is the most important

It is important to always place the bride and groom in the center and in the most visible place in any position. Because they are the main characters of the wedding, all events are held around them. Also, for photos and videos, it is good that there are no other passenger seats or other obstacles in front of the seats of the bride and groom.

5. Consider other factors such as cake table, cocktail table, Mic. stand, bar, DJ table, etc.

Once the main layout has been decided, it is time to decide the rest of the parts. For example, you need to consider the location of the cake table, cocktail table, moderator seat, bar, D table, etc. The most important thing at this time is the movement line. It is important to make the flow line so that it flows most comfortably and flexibly when the guest or the bride and groom move.

Usually, in hotel banquet rooms or house wedding receptions, space is limited, so the most efficient layout is often decided. However, in the case of outdoor reception, there is plenty of space and there is no set format, so it is good to seek the help of a professional wedding planner because the overall feeling or flow is determined by how you decide on the layout.

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