Ultimate Wedding Dessert Table


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Create the Ultimate Wedding Dessert Table

There are so many details that go into any wedding day, from the beginning of the ceremony all the way to the end of the reception. One thing that guests and couples alike love at these special events is to indulge in something sweet—such as a wedding cake. If you particularly love sweets or are really trying to take your reception and guest experience to the next level, it can be fun to create a full-on dessert table. Forget just a wedding cake—you can incorporate a wealth of sweets and make this a moment of your event that will wow guests. Here’s how you can create a wedding dessert table that looks and tastes amazing.Ultimate Wedding Dessert Table

Choose a Theme

You’ll want to tie together your dessert table with some kind of underlying theme. Decide on the “vibe” you’re going for—it could be a bright and colorful theme that resembles a carnival with things like cotton candy and gumballs. Or it could be something elegant and refined featuring pastels, macaroons, and croissants. It’s really up to you, but you’ll want to be consistent in how your table will look and feel to guests.

Make it a Cart

Instead of a “table,” lay out your dessert on a chic rolling cart. This elevates the aesthetic and you can even layer the desserts on the different shelves of the cart.

Add Signage

Label your dessert table with signage so that guests are even more drawn to it. You can include a pretty sign that includes a cute saying and highlights your wedding hashtag. Or includes a call to action for your guests. This can be a chalkboard sign, something printed, or anything else that goes with your overall wedding aesthetic.

Curate Your Desserts

Don’t forget about the most important element of this table: the desserts! Choose a wide variety from your wedding cake to cupcakes to cookies to mini pies. You can also include items such as candy, fruit, and some salty things to balance out the sweets like pretzels and nuts. Your guests will love variety, so the more you include, the better!

Utilize a Backdrop

To really make your dessert table stand out, place it up against an eye-catching backdrop. This can be against a wall with drapery, in front of a neon light you had specially made for your wedding, or even against a donut wall that guests can literally eat off of. Whatever you decide, a picture-perfect backdrop will make your dessert table, well, picture-perfect!

Include Beverages

You don’t have to exclude beverages from a dessert table! Guests will also enjoy drinks such as coffee, espresso, milk, and chocolate milk. Or hot chocolate to complement the sweets you provide.

Include Flowers

Flowers are a big part of weddings. When creating a dessert table, tie the look together with the rest of your event with some florals. These can be on either side of the sapce or lined against the back of the table to give it a cohesive look with the rest of your reception decor.

Add Different Decor Elements

Besides the flowers and the desserts themselves, you may want to add additional decor elements to make your table stand out. These can include candles in varying heights and styles, wooden initials, or frames with pictures in them. This table is a special part of your wedding. So make it your own by decorating it to fit your personality and the overall theme of your event.

Use Items of Varying Heights

To make your table look even more eye-catching, display desserts of varying heights. Not only does this make it look interesting, but it allows guests to easily see everything that your table has to offer. Put desserts on pedestals, cake dishes, and serving trays of different heights. For example, tiered cakes should go in the back whereas trays of cookies should go in the front. This will also help your table to look full, even after guests begin to serve themselves desserts.

Don’t Forget the Extras

You want your table to be easy for guests to navigate, so that means not forgetting some other essential items. These include napkins, utensils, and serving utensils that make it easy for guests to grab what they like off the table without much trouble.

Provide Doggie Bags

Your guests might just be so full from your delicious dinner that they’re not quite ready for dessert once it’s served. For anyone not quite ready to eat more but not willing to totally skip dessert, including doggie bags so that guests can pack up their dessert to-go. It’ll ensure that your food doesn’t go to waste and it’ll give guests the perfect late-night snack after an evening filled with fun, laughs, and dancing.

Dessert tables are a fun way to add more detail to your wedding that you and your guests will truly enjoy every bite of!

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