Ways to Use a Champagne Wall at Your Wedding


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Ways to Use a Champagne Wall at Your Wedding

If you’ve been to a wedding recently, or even just on Pinterest, you may have noticed that champagne/specialty cocktail walls are all the rage! While these statement pieces are super popular, they have limitless options when it comes to practicality and design. Below are 7 ways to incorporate this trend into your next wedding or event.

Ways to Use a Champagne Wall

1. Seating Chart

One of the most popular uses of the champagne wall is to use it as the seating chart. Not only does this enable guests to find their seats in a fun way, but they are also welcomed immediately with a drink! If you want to take it one step further, you can fill the glasses with your custom cocktail, or fill each glass with that guest’s favorite cocktail! You can personalize it as much or as little as you would like, and it gives your guests a warm welcome to your reception.

2. Cocktail Hour

Lots of couples like to use champagne walls to welcome guests to their cocktail hour, and this creates a more casual atmosphere, as guests can just grab a glass off the wall and mingle. The champagne wall at cocktail hour also acts as a great décor element and is even a great backdrop for photos; just make sure your guests use your wedding hashtag when sharing!

3. Bring the Outside In

When your champagne wall is decorated with greenery or floral accents, it’s the perfect way to bring the outside in! You can create a romantic garden vibe, without the stress of worrying about bad weather or creating a rain contingency plan.

4. Bar backdrop

Whether it’s at cocktail hour, the reception, or both, placing a champagne wall behind the bar creates a stunning and inviting visual. The champagne wall also decreases wait times at the bar, as the bartender can just grab a glass off the wall, which makes it easier for your guests to get back on the dance floor to continue celebrating!

5. Divide a Room

You can use champagne walls to divide up your venue space, so you don’t have to pay for additional room rentals at your venue. Our champagne walls are a perfect way to break up a large space or create a better flow for your guests. You can use a champagne wall to break up a room for cocktail hour and the reception as well. The possibilities are endless!

6. Other Events

Champagne walls don’t have to be used solely on the day of your wedding! You can use them at your bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, or even at brunch. Using the champagne wall at events leading up to, and even after your special day, will help to incorporate your theme throughout the weekend, and will get your friends and family even more excited to see everything that you have planned. Even if you aren’t getting married, you can use our champagne walls at corporate events, or other special events!

7. Anything you want

Don’t limit yourself; let your imagination run wild! Champagne walls can be highly customizable with your name, wedding colors, custom cocktails, floral details, and much more. You don’t even have to use a champagne wall at your wedding, they’re great for birthday parties, baby showers, and any other event you can dream of!

How do I get a champagne wall?

Now that you know how to use a champagne wall, you’re probably wondering how you can get one? No worries there, Fumai Furniture has got your back; as a professional wedding event furniture manufacturer, not only can we provide your champagne wall, but we can help you with the design and décor elements to really make it pop! To inquire about, or book your champagne wall today, click this link.

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