Wedding Backdrops


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Wedding Backdrops

A backdrop for a wedding is a great idea when the venue has an undesirable view. Some bridal couples use a backdrop as part of the wedding reception decorations. A backdrop can transform or complement a themed wedding ceremony.

Wedding Backdrops

Backdrop Basics

Even the most stunning locations often need a little something extra when it comes to getting the ceremony and reception ready for a wedding. A backdrop will serve not only to cover up wallpaper that clashes with the décor but also create a more festive, celebratory mood. Backdrops are frequently used in the following places:

  • At the front of the ceremony area
  • Behind the cake table
  • Behind the head table at the reception
  • Near the bar or lounge area of the reception

A backdrop serves as a way to tie the wedding reception decorations together. The same colors, style of fabrics, and even theme are used in a backdrop to create a cohesive look.

Backdrop Decoration Ideas

The venue you choose to host your wedding at may already have options for backdrops. Backdrops might be included in your rental cost or available at an additional fee. Otherwise, you can look for backdrop options through your florist or a wedding supply rental company.

Fabric and Lights

Decorating with lights and fabric is a common way to create a backdrop, especially at the wedding reception. Hang chiffon or satin fabric in white or another light color from the ceiling. Tie together two-thirds of the way down using a contrasting color. Swag it behind the head table along with light ropes.

Hang small white or clear lights behind the fabric for a pretty glow. Twinkling lights are especially pretty at an evening wedding. Colored lights will create a pretty effect with white chiffon.

Flowers and Columns

Arrange columns at the front of your wedding ceremony location to create a lovely backdrop. The columns may be Grecian or Roman, which will add a touch of historical flair to your ceremony. Attach wedding flower arrangements to the columns along with bows. Swag fabric between the columns or cluster them together to create a cohesive look.


Balloons are a cheap and easy way to decorate your reception area. Hang a plain fabric from a long arch. Cover the arch in balloons using your wedding color scheme. While balloons may not be appropriate for formal or even semi-formal wedding ceremonies, they can be okay when used as part of a wedding backdrop decoration at a causal backyard ceremony.

Lattice and Iron

Lattice panels are a popular backdrop for wedding ceremonies and receptions. They can be set up in front of a wedding ceremony indoors or outdoors, behind the wedding reception table, or by the cake table. Put large flower heads in each opening in the lattice panel or hang greenery in a garland across the top. Wrought iron panels and screens are a beautiful backdrop decoration for a garden wedding. Iron backdrops are usually painted black or white. Add flower arrangements, ribbons, and greenery to complete the backdrop.

Additional Wedding Backdrop Resources

The venue you choose for your wedding ceremony and reception may have a portfolio of previous wedding decorations that used backdrops for you to view. Many wedding planners and party rental vendors will, too.

Check online to get ideas for reception decorations, too. Even if the vendor is not in your geographical location, you can still be inspired by their ideas. showcases pretty pictures of their fabric backdrops, while A Dream Wedding by Starla shows unique options, like a medieval waterfall and barn wood backdrop.

Be creative when searching for wedding backdrop decorations. You do not necessarily need to purchase or rent backdrops. Consider doing the following:

  • Use hay bales inside and outside as part of a backdrop at a western-themed wedding
  • Set an indoor ceremony up in front of a large marble fireplace
  • Plan your outdoor ceremony in front of natural rocks, a bridge, or in a gazebo
  • Pick up stained glass windows in antique shops and hang the glass in front of plain fabrics with lights
  • Have a custom projection slide made that has your monogram and project it onto a plain wall or fabric behind the cake table or head table

Themed weddings can also use backdrops to turn a typical reception hall into a different place or time. Large mural-style backdrops work the best for themed weddings. Check your local rental store or online wedding supply store. For example, Fumai offers backdrops in Arabian, garden, Asian, beach, and castle themes, among others.

A backdrop can truly set the stage for your wedding. With a number of styles to choose from, couples can often find the right backdrop for their wedding decoration needs.


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