Wedding Cake Selection


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Wedding Cake Selection

How to Choose the Right Wedding Cake

A real work of art, the wedding cake is often the most talked-about item at the reception. Colorful, trendy, or classic, the options are endless. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind to help you pick the right sugar masterpiece.

Wedding Cake Selection

The Right Style:

Find a cake that complements your wedding theme. Add sugar or natural flowers reminiscent of your bouquet, or a texture that matches your dress. Go for something modern like a marble or geode cake or go for a classic white on white. A good baker will be there to guide you.

Size Matters:

Pick the size according to the number of guests and the size of the room. Make sure you have enough portions for everyone. Be mindful of your venue; a 5-tier cake may look out of place in a room with low ceilings.

Stay on Budget:

Cakes can quickly become pricey. To save on cost, trade fancy sugar flowers for natural ones. A sweet table with various cupcakes and other delicious treats can also be a perfect option.

Love on Top:

While entirely optional, a cake topper can be a great keepsake for the years following your wedding. Whether you go for figurines, flowers, or a monogram, pick something representing you and your husband-to-be.

Keep Allergies in Mind: 

Today, many people suffer from various allergies. Try to stay clear of nuts and peanuts or other allergens that some of your guests may have.

Book a Tasting Appointment: 

While the look is essential, a tasty cake will come a long way. Take the time to taste different flavors and textures that will please both you and your guests. 

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