Wedding Ceiling Decorations Will Wow Your Guests


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Wedding Ceiling Decorations Will Wow Your Guests

Give the moon and stars some friendly competition with beautiful wedding ceiling decorations. When it comes to memorable weddings after all, thoughtful décor and design are key.

Creative lighting, gorgeous centerpieces, and palette-coordinated dance floors have become de rigueur, but don’t forget what’s going on above your guests’ heads. Wedding ceilings offer yet another statement-making opportunity.

Wedding Ceiling Decorations

These 10 ideas for wedding ceiling decorations will have your guests craning their necks in admiration.

1. Balloon Wedding Ceiling Decorations

Balloons and ceilings are natural partners. Discover how balloons provide chic wedding ceiling décor for the most elegant and ethereal of events. Moreover, talk to your design and décor team for additional ways to incorporate balloon installations into your wedding celebration.

2. Floral Wedding Ceiling Decorations

Ceiling floral installations aren’t a new concept — but we’re seeing new and dazzling innovations with floral décor. Discover the use of a single flower type repeated over and over for a dramatic presentation, single blooms upended in avante-garde fashion, and florals arranged in chic geometric shapes.

3. Light Projection Wedding Ceiling Decorations

A well-designed lighting scheme can set the mood for your celebration. Moreover, use lighting to shift the color and shape throughout your event — and cue the transition from cocktails to dinner and then dancing. Use PartySlate’s curated directory to find a talented design team that specializes in lighting.

4. Greenery Wedding Ceiling Decorations

Wedding décor and flowers go together like “I” and “Do.” However, think beyond just blooms for beautiful organic displays. Rather than viewing greenery as the filler between flowers, make greenery the focal point for an indoor event that celebrates the great outdoors.

5. Lantern Wedding Ceiling Decorations

Lanterns have been helping people find their way for centuries. Help your guests find their way to a good time by adorning your entire ceiling with the lit classics.

6. Fringe Wedding Ceiling Decorations

Strands of ribbon, crystals, or tinsel suspended as a group make for an eye-catching effect. Create a dramatic photo op with a fringe tunnel, or strategically use fringe to create distinct event spaces. Guests will love how this unique décor element creates a wow-worthy moment at your celebration.

7. Inspired Installations Wedding Ceiling Decorations

Make a big statement with blown glass, giant glowing stars, or thousands of paper cranes. Your only limit is your imagination — and, of course, having the right design team.

8. Chandelier Wedding Ceiling Decorations

We know you’re probably thinking, “Ceiling + chandelier? Super innovative!” But hear us out. We love celebrations that amp the volume with creative lighting displays and dazzling illumination. In other words, we want all the chandeliers.

9. Crystal Wedding Ceiling Decorations

Diamonds last forever…and so do memories. Transform your wedding venue into an unforgettable dreamscape with the help of crystal ceiling installations and iridescent décor.

10. Wedding Ceiling Drape Decorations

Wedding ceiling drape lends an ethereal vibe to wedding ceilings of all kinds. Whether you are celebrating in a ballroom or wedding tent, use drapery to evoke the softness of the summer sky or the tranquility of flowing water.


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