An Elegant Evening


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An Elegant Evening

A Review of Luxury Event Décor

Stepping into an event space like the one pictured, it’s clear that elegance is at the forefront of the design. From the soft, ambient lighting reflecting off the beautifully arranged flowers to the tall, graceful candles illuminating the tables, this setting exudes sophistication. The space seamlessly merges a touch of classical architecture with modern luxury, promising an unforgettable evening for attendees.

An Elegant Evening

Event Furniture and Décor:

When hosting such an upscale event, it’s important to invest in furniture and décor that complements the ambiance. The round tables dressed in crisp, white linens and surrounded by chic chairs with gold accents, immediately draw attention.


The round tables, which serve as the centerpiece of each seating arrangement, are versatile and can vary in price depending on the quality and size. On average, such luxury round tables can range from $250 to $900 each.


The minimalist chairs with gold detailing are both functional and stylish. With a design that blends seamlessly into the background while adding to the overall aesthetic, these chairs can range from $45 to $100 each.

Table Centerpieces:

The impressive table centerpieces add a touch of extravagance to each table. Featuring towering candles and lavish floral arrangements, they can be custom-designed to match the event theme. Floral arrangements typically start around $100 per table, and the tall, elegant candle setups can add another $150 to $250 per table.


To accentuate the décor, subtle uplighting around the venue brings out the architectural details and adds a romantic glow. Event lighting packages can range from $500 to $2,000, depending on the extent and type of lighting.

Floral Arrangements:

The floral arrangements along the columns are both lush and abundant, giving the space a natural, garden-like feel. Such elaborate installations require careful planning and can range significantly in cost:

Floral Wall Installations:

Large-scale floral installations can dramatically change the feel of a venue. They start at around $1,000 for smaller setups and can exceed $5,000 for full-scale designs like the one pictured.

Table Florals:

The fresh flowers used as table centerpieces add a vibrant touch to each table, typically starting at $100 per arrangement.

Architectural Details:

The venue itself is enhanced by its classic architecture. Hosting an event in a venue with similar architectural features will naturally cost more, especially if it is a historic or popular location.


Creating such an elegant event space requires careful curation of furniture, lighting, and décor to ensure everything aligns perfectly with the desired ambiance. The cost can be high, but the result is a truly luxurious experience that will be remembered for years to come.


Are floral installations cost-effective for large events?

Floral installations are a significant investment but can create a dramatic impact, making them worthwhile for events where ambiance is a high priority.

What is the most effective way to use lighting for ambiance?

Uplighting and candles provide a warm, inviting atmosphere, highlighting the venue’s architecture and adding sophistication.

Can I achieve this look on a budget?

While challenging, using fewer florals, opting for more affordable lighting options, and carefully selecting furniture can help create a similar feel within a budget.

Should I hire a professional for floral installations?

Yes, for large-scale events, hiring a professional ensures the arrangements are done safely and beautifully.

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