Arch Elegance


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Arch Elegance

This wedding venue embodies the epitome of luxury and elegance, seamlessly blending indoor sophistication with stunning waterfront views.

Arch Elegance

A Grand Venue

The grand ballroom features ornate chandeliers, high ceilings with intricate moldings, and warm, inviting lighting. The elegant, curved table setup is meticulously designed, enhancing the space’s flow while uniquely accommodating guests.


Curved Tables:

With their distinct shape, these tables add a dynamic and sophisticated touch to the venue’s layout.
Rage from $600 each

Dining Chairs:

The cushioned white dining chairs complement the tables and add to the luxurious aesthetic.
Rage from $45 each

Glassware and Tableware:

Featuring golden-rimmed plates and delicate glassware, each place setting exudes sophistication.

A Gorgeous Floral Arch

The floral arch, placed against the backdrop of the waterfront, frames the scene beautifully for ceremonies. The intricate design of this arch, adorned with lush flowers and climbing greenery, is a highlight, with a price starting at $700.


This venue’s blend of opulent design and picturesque scenery makes it a prime location for weddings or events, providing guests with a truly unforgettable experience.

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