Banquet Furniture For Beginners


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Banquet Furniture For Beginners – All You Need To Know!

Banquet Furniture For Beginners-It is well known that things such as food and entertainment at a banquet can make or break the evening. But so can the furniture. A table that’s too crowded or an uncomfortable chair could be remembered more than the delicious three-course meal or brilliant DJ. Therefore,  choosing the right furniture for your venue and the number of guests is crucial.

With more than 60 years of experience, we know a thing or two about banquet furniture. From stacking chairs to folding tables. Whether it’s a wedding, conference, or party, this beginner’s guide will help you find the perfect furniture for the perfect banquet.

Banquet Furniture For Beginners


Banquet tables might not look like much by themselves, but when dressed up with table cloths, flowers and decorations. They can be one of the focal points of a venue. Made from either plastic or plywood, we offer folding and stacking banquet tables in a range of sizes to suit almost any event.

Round banquet tables

Round tables are a highly popular choice for weddings and conferences. They are not only sturdy but also look great in both large and small venues. Providing a sociable atmosphere to help conversation among guests flow easily. We supply round banqueting tables suitable for between three and twelve people, with foldable wishbone legs that simplify storage and movement.

Rectangular banquet tables

For more intimate events at smaller venues, rectangular tables are ideal for creating long banqueting tables with guests sitting on either side. Our rectangular tables are available in light oak, dark oak or antique white, making them great for use both with and without table cloths for a more rustic style. These tables are also perfect for top tables at weddings, or buffet tables that can be cleared away during the event thanks to our foldable and stackable product selection.

Semi-circular banquet tables

Half-moon or semi-circle tables offer more versatility for your event as they can be used by themselves as presentation tables at awards nights or conferences for example. Or can be placed next to another table to create additional seating. They could also be used to round off a row of rectangular seating. Or as part of a buffet table for convenient access for all guests.



Depending on the type of event you are hosting, guests may spend the majority of their time sitting down. Therefore,  the chairs you choose need to offer both style and comfort. Our selection of banqueting chairs includes modern and traditional styles. All of which are stackable to offer increased efficiency for non-permanent applications.

Modern banquet chairs

Modern chairs featuring steel frames and straight edges are popular for events such as conferences. Due to their versatility of design for a number of different settings. Our Harrow and Cambridge Steel Stacking Chairs are perfect for use around tables or as rows of seating, with armchair options also available to provide even more comfort.

Traditional banquet chairs

Traditional chairs such as our Buckingham and Chiavari Stacking Chairs are the ideal choice for weddings and other celebrations. Thanks to their simple, classic design. They are perfect as they are, with a choice of gold, silver, or limewash frame. But may also be dressed up with chair covers and bows to match any décor and color scheme.


If you are going to be reusing your banquet chairs, again and again, it’s important to choose a fabric and design. That will go with all manner of color schemes and venues. At Trent Furniture, we upholster all of our banquet chairs onsite in our UK factory, making each one order. This means we can provide more than 70 fabric choices, from tartan to suede, blue to red.

We use the highest quality British fire-resistant upholstery foam on our banquet chairs to ensure all venue safety regulations are met. We even supply individual banquet seat pads designed to fit our Henley and Chiavari chairs. So you can transform the look of your seating or give it a new lease of life by simply swapping out the pad.


A banquet of any kind is a celebration. So you want to make sure everything is just right, starting with the furniture. If you would like to find out more about our range of banquet tables, chairs, and furniture storage trolleys. Browse our site or get in touch to speak to our experts about your requirements.


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