How To Decorate an Oval Wedding Table?


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How to decorate an oval wedding table?

Mastering the Art of Decorating an Oval Wedding Table

Oval wedding tables are a popular choice for receptions, offering a unique layout that promotes better guest interaction and a graceful aesthetic. Decorating these tables requires a thoughtful approach to make the most of their shape and the space they occupy. Here’s how you can decorate an oval wedding table, complete with ideas and pricing for the necessary furniture and accessories.

How to decorate an oval wedding table

Benefits of Oval Wedding Tables

Oval tables combine the formality of rectangular banquet tables with the intimacy of round tables, making them ideal for:

  • Enhancing guest interaction by facilitating easier conversation.
  • Efficiently using space in certain venue layouts.
  • Providing ample space for dining and decoration without sacrificing aesthetics.

Essential Furniture for Oval Wedding Tables

  1. The Tables Themselves
Oval Tables:

Ideal for seating more guests along the perimeter than round tables.
Cost: Typically ranges from $250 to $950 per table, depending on size and material.

  1. Chairs
Elegant Chiavari Chairs:

These are a classic wedding choice due to their stylish design and comfort.
Cost: Rental prices range from $18 to $60 per chair.

  1. Table Linens
High-Quality Linens:

Opt for full-length linens that complement the color scheme of your wedding.
Cost: $15 to $30 per tablecloth, depending on fabric and design.

Decorating Your Oval Wedding Table

Centerpiece Ideas
Long Floral Arrangements:

Use the oval shape to your advantage by placing a linear floral arrangement down the center of the table. Consider flowers like artificial roses, lilies, or orchids interspersed with greenery.
Cost: Depending on the flowers and length of the table, costs can range from $100 to $300 per table.

Candle Displays:

Place varying heights of candles along the table. Mix pillar candles, votives, and floating candles in clear water-filled vases.
Cost: Approximately $30 to $70 per table, depending on the variety and quantity of candles used.

Place Settings
Charger Plates:

Gold or silver charger plates can add an elegant touch beneath standard white dinner plates.
Cost: $3 to $10 per charger plate.

Fine China:

Upgrade to fine china with gold or silver rim details to match the sophistication of your chargers.
Cost: $3 to $7 per piece.

Additional Decor

Instead of a full tablecloth, consider a decorative runner that highlights the oval shape.
Cost: $10 to $25 each, depending on the material.

Personal Touches:

Include small personalized items at each place setting, such as a handwritten note or a custom menu.
Cost: $1 to $3 per item, depending on customization.

Tips for Decorating Oval Tables


Ensure decorations are balanced to avoid cluttering. Use the elongated shape to distribute the decor evenly.

Height Variations:

Create visual interest with varying heights in your centerpiece arrangements.

Color Palette:

Stick to a coherent color palette that complements the overall wedding theme and enhances the elegance of the oval tables.


Decorating an oval wedding table beautifully sets the stage for an elegant reception. By carefully selecting and arranging furniture, linens, and centerpieces, you can create a stunning visual impact that enhances the wedding experience for all your guests. Remember to balance practicality with aesthetics, ensuring every element contributes to a memorable and gorgeous table setup. With the right approach and careful planning, your oval wedding tables will be a highlight of your special day

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