Plastic Dining Chairs Advantages and Disadvantages


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Plastic Dining Chairs Advantages and Disadvantages

There are many advantages and disadvantages of plastic/acrylic dining chairs. They look fantastic in modern and contemporary style rooms and are very easy to clean and maintain. However, as you start browsing the many stores that offer these wonderful chairs, it’s common for people to wonder whether these chairs are right for them.

In this post, we’ll provide you with a plastic dining chair buying guide – helping you decide whether plastic dining chairs are right for you as well as what some of the advantages and disadvantages are.

So, if you’re looking for answers to your questions about plastic/acrylic (dining) chairs then you’re in the right place!

Plastic Dining Chairs

Our stock

Here at Fumai Furniture, we stock a large range of plastic and acrylic dining chairs in many different styles and colors. We giving you plenty of options to choose from. If you’re interested in buying plastic/acrylic dining chairs for your events, feel free to browse our store by clicking on the plastic chair tab in the menu at the top of this page.

Plastic vs acrylic dining chairs?

Throughout this article, we refer to both plastic and acrylic dining chairs. However, it’s not always clear what the difference between the two is. In short: acrylic is a type of plastic, but not all plastic is acrylic.

Most dining chairs are made of acrylic as it’s a very strong kind of plastic. They can also be made of polypropylene or other types of durable plastic, but acrylic tends to be one of the most common materials used. So, whenever you hear someone talk about plastic dining chairs, there’s a very good chance it’s made of acrylic.

Below, we’ll refer to both interchangeably. However, keep in mind there’s a subtle difference between the two!

Advantages of plastic chairs

Plastic dining chairs are very popular at the moment, especially for modern and contemporary style designs. They look fantastic in a broad range of space designs and come in many different colors that make it super easy to match the style of an event. These colors are also great for adding contrast to the room.

Another major benefit of plastic dining chairs is maintenance. They’re very durable and can’t rip, tear, or crease, and scratches are very rare. They’re also easy to keep clean and don’t stain. This ensures the chairs continue to look fantastic as they get older – something that isn’t always the case for leather or fabric chairs.

All-in-all, there are plenty of advantages that these chairs have over chairs made of other materials.

Disadvantages of plastic chairs

The only real disadvantage is that some people prefer leather or fabric models. Plastic dining chairs don’t work well with older, more rustic styles, which means they don’t work well in all situations. Unlike black leather chairs, which work well in a broader range of styles, plastic chairs work best in modern or contemporary style dining rooms.

Are plastic chairs comfortable?

This is a question we get quite often as it’s common for people to think that the hard surface might be uncomfortable to sit on. This isn’t the case. The chairs are shaped to ensure you can be seated comfortably and the sturdy backrest provides a good amount of support. This ensures that most people can be seated comfortably on acrylic dining chairs.

How sturdy are plastic dining chairs?

This depends on the type of plastic they’re made from. However, most plastic dining chairs are made of acrylic which is very durable and sturdy. Most plastic dining chairs are built to last and they can generally be used for years without any major visible wear and tear. There’s very little difference between plastic and wooden dining chairs when it comes to how sturdy they are. Plastic dining chairs are generally considered more durable than wooden or fabric chairs!

What style do plastic dining chairs go with?

Plastic chairs tend to work best in modern contemporary spaces given the material they’re made of is a relatively new invention. Since plastic dining chairs are generally considered minimalist, they work well in most minimalist-style events, including Scandinavian style as well as most other modern design types.

Do acrylic dining chairs scratch easily?

Whether acrylic dining chairs scratch easily really depends on the brand/type of chair you get. However, if you buy a good quality acrylic chair, they are very unlikely to get scratched anytime soon. A lot of pressure is required to scratch these chairs so they’re no more likely to get scratched than leather or wooden chairs. Good quality models are far less likely to show any signs of scratches.

What type of plastic are white plastic dining chairs made from?

White plastic dining chairs can be made of a whole host of different plastics, including acrylic and polypropylene. The white plastic chairs we stock are made of acrylic which is extremely durable. However, polypropylene chairs are also very sturdy and can be a good alternative to acrylic.

What’s the best way to clean plastic dining chairs?

Cleaning plastic chairs is a piece of cake. You can simply wipe the plastic surface with soapy water and then remove the soap with a normal wet cloth. Since they’re made of plastic, there are no nooks or crevices where crumbs or dirt can build up, making them far easier to clean than fabric or leather models.

That being said, you want to avoid using any harsh cleaning products on the chairs as certain chemicals can cause discoloration.

Plastic Dining Chairs Advantages and Disadvantages

You should now have a good understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of plastic dining chairs. Who knows, you might have even decided they’re right for your events! If you have any questions after reading this post, or you have any questions about our product range, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team. They’re always happy to help!

Welcome to contact us to get the latest product catalog and price list!

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