Romantic Wedding Ideas for Your Fairytale Wedding


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Romantic Wedding Ideas for Your Fairytale Wedding

“Happily ever after” still begins with a romantic wedding celebration. Fumai is here to make your wedding dreams come true — from ceremony to reception.

We reached out to Cassie, Founder of Fumai Furniture, to learn more about how to curate a fairytale wedding experience. She tells us, “The elements that go into creating a romantic wedding aesthetic is incorporating the 5 senses.”

She goes on to say, “It’s essential to pamper the guests and curate an event design that is romantic — with opulent yet sophisticated floral design. The lighting is crucial in a romantic wedding. Candlelight and soft-toned lighting make all the difference. Horse carriages and fireworks, or video mapping that tells the couples’ story, is also helpful.”

We’ve searched hundreds of real weddings to find the most romantic ideas for your fairytale wedding. From choosing an ornate wedding venue to creating a romantic reception filled with lush florals and enchanting photo ops, planning a real-life fairytale has never been easier.

Keep reading for the best romantic wedding inspiration, plus tips on how to find the right vendors to pull off your vision. As Cassie tells us, “Most of my couples say that what really made their dreams come true was when all the guests said it was the most memorable wedding of their lives.”

1. Choose a Venue With Ornate Elements

From Cinderella’s castle to The Sultan’s Palace in Aladdin, castles and palaces are the quintessential settings for any fairytale wedding. Cassie shares, “I am lucky enough to be a planner in Paris, so when my clients are looking for romantic venues, we usually guide them towards chateau weddings. They can come in horse carriages, and guests can enjoy the incredible gardens with thousands of candles.

While castle venues do exist, and are nothing short of extraordinary, vintage ballrooms and manor houses often boast similar architectural elements. Look for venues that feature stonework backdrops, wood-paneled walls, stained glass windows, gold ceiling embellishments, and romantic gardens.

2. Exchange Vows Surrounded by Blooms

Your wedding ceremony will be one of the most romantic moments of your life. Create a fairytale setting that matches the mood with abundant floral décor. Lean toward roses, orchids, and wisteria. We also love how adding rose petals to your wedding aisle or floral clusters to the entryway brings romance to each step down the altar.

3. Seat Guests at Lavish Tablescapes

Immerse guests into a real-life fairytale while they wine and dine. Overarching florals, canopied centerpieces, and crystal candelabras turn dinner into a magical experience. White florals are especially romantic when incorporated into your wedding centerpieces

4. Up the Enchantment With Romantic Lighting

We highly recommend prioritizing wedding lighting in your overall wedding budget. Lighting sets the mood and ambiance of a celebration, especially when it comes to fairytale weddings. Candlelight instantly adds romance to any wedding reception table. We also love how immersive lighting can transport your guests into an enchanted forest, while twinkling string lights bring the stars right down to earth.

5. Accent With Luxe Drapery

Luxe drapery lends a dreamy softness to any wedding venue. Think beyond traditional draping and consider adding luxury fabrics to everything from your wedding ceiling to your wedding chairs. Even dessert can benefit from flowing icing that gathers just like designer drapery.

6. Elevate Décor — At Every Turn

When it comes to creating a romantic setting, look beyond your wedding arch and tablescape. We love how these wedding planners and design and floral teams feature wow-worthy décor at every turn. Create beautiful photo ops at every turn throughout the celebration with grand cake stands, stunning seating, and extraordinary dance floors. Trust us, your photographer will thank you.

7. Step Into Swirling Mist

Your wedding first dance will be one of the most romantic moments of the evening. Elevate the moment with romantic fog and glittering lighting. Make sure to also choose a song that encompasses your own love story. Of course, it’s also important to find an experienced wedding band to transition from the first dance to a non-stop dance party.

8. Incorporate Your Monogram Into a Family Crest

We love how a custom monogram creates a personal brand for you and your spouse. Add a romantic flourish to your intertwined initials with the addition of a family crest — a symbol to forever represent your newly joined family. Crests can be successfully incorporated into everything from your dance floor to wedding invitations and signage. Find wedding invitations and print companies to design your custom-made coat of arms.

9. Sweeten the Night With a Fairytale Wedding Cake

Dessert is easily our favorite part of any wedding celebration. We especially love the tradition where couples take the top layer home with them to save for their one-year anniversary. Take your wedding cake (and wedding day memories) to new heights with towering tiers, lavish floral details, and even an occasional castle. Show these ideas to your wedding bakery team for inspiration.

10. Live Happily Ever After With a Romantic Carriage Ride

Take a ride in Cinderella’s carriage down the path toward happily ever after. Whether you opt for a real-life carriage ride or stationed photo op, you’ll love having a romantic moment alone with your spouse. Ask your wedding rentals company for help bringing this vision to life.


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