Wedding Chairs Pull Your Whole Look Together


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Wedding Chairs Pull Your Whole Look Together — See Our Guide by Style

Wedding chair might feel like just another entry on your endless list of to-dos — or it can be a joyful part of defining the aesthetic of your celebration. We’re here to make sure it’s the latter.

When I got married almost 25 years ago, I vividly remember the statement that my mother-in-law made to our venue contact: “No offense, but those chairs are offensive.” And just like that, we left the complimentary chairs in our wake and entered the world of wedding chair (and I also learned that my mother-in-law could be counted on as a source of unfiltered truth). We found the perfect fit.

To make your selection process as easy as mine, we’ve compiled a list of chair types and finishes, sorted by wedding style. We’ve also consulted top furniture companies for guidance as you design your dream wedding. Cassie of Fumai Furniture says, “When choosing chairs for an event, it is essential to consider the aesthetics of the event, which will ultimately help you choose the right chair style.” This is exactly why we’ve sorted our list by wedding aesthetic.

Read on for more advice and examples from real weddings.

Romantic Wedding Chairs

Wedding Chairs

Romantic weddings tend to be dreamy affairs full of lush florals, ethereal drapery, and pastel hues. Such a celebration might include harp music during cocktails or swirling smoke during the first dance. It may lean more towards a fairytale vibe or a moody ambiance.

When considering which chairs pair well with a romantic aesthetic, we suggest choosing a seat in a hue that coordinates with your décor. Whether you opt for chairs in a rich palette or ruffled covers, Fumai says, “We suggest creating a mock-up table with all the trimmings and experimenting with various seating options. You may be surprised by the range of choices that blend perfectly with your aesthetic and reflect your personal style.”

Boho Wedding Chairs

Wedding Chairs

Boho weddings feature a free-spirited style that honors nature. Often, bohemian wedding ceremonies take place in a lush garden, a field with a sweeping view, or under an aged tree with branches forming a natural canopy. Imagine a blue sky with a high-peaked pole tent as a perfect reception setting and décor that is rich with pampas grass and florals.

Your wedding chairs will also affect the overall vibe of your celebration. Consider raw wood seating, woven chairs, and bamboo elements (perhaps mixed with more glamorous styles if desired). Ben of Fumai Furniture says, “Chairs are often the first thing you see walking into a ceremony or reception. They set an essential demeanor for the overall tone of the event. Aesthetic and comfort should always be considered.”

Coastal Wedding Chairs

Coastal weddings feature a beautiful combination of sand and surf, sun and style. Imagine palettes with bright whites and ocean blues that create a calming, yet celebratory, mood. Take it tropical with shiny palm fronds or lean toward New England style with green ivy and white blooms; either way, nature is sure to play a role.

And whether you’re saying your vows at the edge of the ocean or are far from the sea, you can still create a coastal style with your wedding chair buying. Think whitewashed or weathered wood seating, textured or patterned table linen, and lots of draping greenery and twinkly lights.

Glamorous Wedding Chairs

Wedding Chairs

A glamorous wedding is an event that goes big on style with statement-making décor and wow moments. Think color-drenched design and lots of gold, gold, and more gold. This is the time to add diamond-inspired accents and lush velvet details. Consider a gleaming gold dance floor, a tent with drapery billowing over crystal chandeliers, or a 360-degree photo booth featuring a rich sequined backdrop.

Deep red roses can create an instantly glamorous vibe, as can gleaming gold chairs. When it comes to creating a bewitching scene, don’t overlook candlelight, crystals, and ceiling floral décor. Add surprise moments with creative entertainment like a cocktail caterer that engages guests with couture sips that are as interesting to watch being made as they are to sip.

Elegant Wedding Chairs

An elegant wedding is timeless. Expect clean lines, metallic details, and greenery accented by carefully-chosen florals. Classic white linen creates a beautiful base for rows of dreamy flickering candlelight and flowing flower runners that spill off the tables’ ends. At an elegant wedding, toasts will be made with Champagne, and as crystal clinks fill the air, the chic custom-monogrammed dance floor will fill with loved ones.

Wedding chair buying for an elegant affair might be upholstered or slipcovered in white or cream hues. They may also feature polished wood elements. Or consider that the metallic details might be gold chairs, which will match and further accent gold tableware and vases. All of the neutrals of drapery and fabric will create a beautifully-layered and textured celebration for a gloriously cohesive (and elegant) vision.

Rustic Wedding Chairs

Rustic weddings are here to stay. They’ve evolved past the barns and mason jars of years past (though we still adore a luxurious barn-set affair). Modern rustic-style weddings often feature bright florals, industrial elements, and loads of dreamy candlelight. One thing all rustic weddings have in common is their use of wood. Whether it’s a dreamy aged wood and gauzy drapery backdrop for your nuptials or a geometric wooden arch festooned with flowers, wood can and should play a design role in your affair.

Imagine billboard-worthy entertainment filling your custom plank dance floor with your loved ones before they rest on raw wood or classic metal Tolix wedding chairs — or both.

Modern Wedding Chairs

Modern style has endured because of its clean lines and ability to make a wow-worthy statement with minimal décor. Imagine an all-white room with mirror-topped alabaster tables festooned with white vases and vividly-hued Ikebana-style florals. The wedding chair for this aesthetic might be luxuriously clean and white with rounded backs, creating additional visual texture with curves.

Or consider a color-drenched affair, with each table featuring a different richly-hued linen while the chairs are Ghost-style clear, allowing an uninterrupted view of the metal menus with candlelight playing off their surfaces. All of this is to say: A modern wedding can fit any idea you have, but it’s all about choosing which element is the star, then pairing it with minimalist décor choices.

Eclectic Wedding Chairs

Eclectic weddings are just about as personal as you can get. They combine your style and your beloved’s aesthetic into one joyful celebration. Mixing and matching is the name of the game for an eclectic soirée. It is a blend of textures and florals and experiences that, when put together, create a totally unique vision.

Consider an outdoor celebration rich with wildflowers and natural beauty with upholstered, tufted wedding chairs in all sizes and colors providing comfort and beauty for guests under sparkling chandeliers hung from the trees.

You’ll want to work with a skilled décor team to ensure that your celebration is beautifully cohesive, rather than jumbled. Their design eye coupled with your preferences will create a wedding that perfectly represents your love.


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