The Top 8 Wedding Trends You’ll Want For 2023 Wedding


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The Top 8 Wedding Trends You’ll Want For 2023 Wedding

After the last few years in the wedding industry, we should probably know better than to make any predictions about what 2023 holds, but we can’t help but love our yearly predictions of wedding trends!

From sustainable fashion to mixed-gender wedding parties, cash registries and new ways to honeymoon, we have a lot to guess about the quickly changing wedding world. Since 2020, couples have been ditching wedding rules and expectations and turning the traditional big wedding on its head. And just as the last few years have shown, couples and vendors will usher in and embrace some fabulous new wedding trends in 2023.

Most notable? Modern couples are no longer married to traditional diamond engagement rings. Instead, we’re witnessing brides and grooms opt for the even sparklier, far-more-affordable, just-as-beautiful Moissanite.

Originally found in meteorites (they’re literally stardust!) Moissanites these days are created in labs. This makes this sparkling gemstone the perfect ethical and affordable choice for your proposal.

The Top 8 Wedding Trends

Proposal Trends: Moissanite Engagement Rings

Not only do Moissanite engagement rings show even more sparkle than Diamonds, but they also come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles.

Right now, we’re loving a vintage-inspired look. The ultimate celebrity art deco engagement ring has to be Ashlee Simpson’s incredible 5-carat, platinum and gold design, covered in rubies and diamonds.


Trending Wedding Colors

In previous reports on wedding trends, we declared, “Lavender is the new blush.” Now, lavender and lilac’s richer cousins – eggplant, fig and plum – are elevating the wedding table from whimsical and sweet to elegant and sophisticated.

Pair these deep purple tones with whites and creams to uplift your color palette for Spring and Summer weddings. We love the way neutral-toned Quicksand Roses soften bold purple florals.

For Fall and Winter weddings, embellishing rich purples with brass or gold make an event feel festive. Adding gold-tinged dried florals and feathery details can add an extra air of luxury.


Eco-friendly Wedding Trends: Sustainable Bridal Fashion

The wedding fashion is intrinsically wasteful. Wearing your wedding look just once in your life is far from sustainable. However, there is hope.

First bit of good news, wedding dress resale sites are seeing a boom. Brides (and grooms) are more willing and able to contribute to a recycled wedding fashion economy. Not only a great way to save money on your wedding budget but buying a gently-worn wedding dress gives that garment a new life. Plus, when cared for well (and with a little expert dry cleaning) your secondhand wedding gown can be sold again.

Furthermore, sustainable wedding trends in fashion aren’t limited to the resale market. Today, many trending bridal designers are designing wear and wear again collections filled with bridal separates. Think bridal pantsuits and jackets that can be mixed and matched in your everyday wardrobe. Or, bridal separates that feature fun crop tops and re-wearable pieces. Removable floor-length skirts are trending too, allowing brides to finish the night with a mini dress, easily added to your wardrobe beyond the big day.


No Longer Tacky: Cash Registries

Wedding trends in the registry department just got greener, too. Finally, asking for cash for your wedding is shedding its label as taboo and becoming the norm. The vast majority of couples we poll on social media want cash versus presents as their wedding gifts.

No longer considered tacky, cash registries are making cash gifts even easier with online transfers. Plus, couples can create specific funds to show guests what their gift will be used for like honeymoons and home purchases.


Floral Wedding Trends

Goodbye minimalism, hello maximalism. With garden weddings already one of our top wedding trends, we predict floral designers to overflow their canvas with natural bundles of roses, peonies and textured florals. Imagine an English cottage garden or an Impressionist painting. Bold tropical ferns and florals lose out to a more natural look, layers of blooms that are less graphic and more whimsical.


Hot Photography Trend: Party Photos with Lots of Flash

Remember that flash on your 1990s-era disposable camera? It’s truly the best. And couples are asking more and more for that high-key bright flash paparazzi style party image that makes you look and feel like a celebrity. Photographers with an editorial edge are pushing wedding trends to include these brightly contrasted photos in reception galleries.


Not Bridal Parties, Wedding Parties

It’s time to ditch the blanket terms ‘bridesmaids’ and ‘groomsmen’. More and more couples are including their siblings and best friends of the opposite gender in their ‘bridal parties’ pivoting the industry to a new term: wedding parties.

Genderless wedding parties aren’t just a trend. They’re a progressive, thoughtful inclusion of those most important to our brides and grooms respectively. If a bride’s brother is her most important guy, no reason he can’t stand on her side with her bridesmaids. And if a groom’s best pal is a girl, why can’t she join the bachelor party?

Anytime wedding trends move the industry to a more inclusive future, we’re happy. And thus, we’re here to support the trend.


Honeymoon Trends: Extended Trips, Adventurous Destinations

Who wouldn’t want a month-long honeymoon? In the past, such an idea has been limited to countries and cultures with far more lenient time-off policies than we’re used to in the United States. But with Covid-era remote work here to stay, couples are getting creative with their honeymoon plans, opting for longer honeymoons that include both blissful times off and remote work abroad.

And what does a lengthier honeymoon mean for itineraries? Opportunities to plan more adventurous honeymoons. Foodie adventures across Asia, outdoor treks in Iceland or New Zealand and wild African safaris are just a few honeymoon itineraries more easily booked with extra time off.


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