Wedding Pool Party Decoration Ideas Guide For 2023


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Wedding Pool Party Decoration Ideas Guide For 2023

If you’re having a wedding in the summer or just prefer to use your backyard to save on expenses, a pool party will always be a good idea. It’s also another way to organize a wedding that is different from the norm. If you are all for the unconventional and would like something unique, then the aesthetics you can get with wedding pool party decoration ideas should be all worth it.
If you don’t have a backyard pool of your own, you can always rent a venue with a pool to use to your advantage. The poolside can be the main feature of your wedding, and there are so many ways to pull off swimming pool wedding décor with style and elegance.
Read on if you’d like to discover these unique ideas that will help you create only the best pool party decor for a wedding.

Wedding Pool Party Decoration Ideas

Pool Wedding Decor Ideas With Floating Candles

An easy way to take advantage of the pool as a decorative element at your wedding is to float things in the water as pool wedding décor.
One of the coolest décor items to use is candles. Some creative ways to incorporate candles in floating elements include, making arrangements of flower petals, moss and candles in a bamboo frame. Wreaths and flower petals can also be used in the same way, with candles floating in the center of each arrangement. Other items you could float as décor include:

  • Balloons
  • Lighted paper lanterns
  • Pomander flower arrangements
  • Upside-down umbrellas.

Pool Wedding Décor – Lettering

While pool wedding decor ideas for on top of the pool are great, you could also use the sides of the pool to your advantage with decorative lettering.
Consider using your hashtag as a background, arranging it in oversized letters around the edge of the pool. It can be further decorated with florals, candles and greenery for a colorful and textured effect. This stunning view can also create a reflection on the water that would look great in the wedding photos.
Another option of pool decor for wedding with lettering is projecting a monogram of your initials, a sentimental phrase, or your hashtag onto the water. These words can also be floating on top of the water in oversized lettering for an amazing and creative effect.

Swimming Pool Wedding Décor With Flower Petals & Flowers Floating

Flowers will always be a good idea for wedding pool décor. And, where water is concerned, combining it with the freshness of sweet-smelling flowers creates a most romantic atmosphere.
Consider huge pool floats made of flowers. A pool takes up a significant amount of space from a venue, and so it is a great idea to use it as a decorative element. Floating lotuses arranged ever so delicately can add beauty and serenity to any pool. Lush floating flower frames and candles are also an option for an appealing pool decoration. Abundant flower arrangements can also be made to sit on the edge of the pool and overflow into the pool, to create a fairytale effect of sorts.

Pool Decor Ideas For Wedding Ceremony

The swimming pool is a huge decorative element at a poolside wedding. And while you can create wedding decor around a pool and on top of the pool, another option would be over the pool. A wedding ceremony would need an aisle, and this can be create over the pool, right across it. Glass or other material can be used to build a bridge over the pool and a floral or wooden and fabric wedding arch can be installed at the end of it.
Another awesome and appealing design would be balloons adorned with greenery and tassels hanging over the water in a suspending canopy, in all your wedding colors.

Reception Wedding Decor Around A Pool

Not all pool decor ideas for wedding should involve the pool. Some couple might want the pool cordoned off completely to avoid guests falling or jumping in. You can do this in a decorative and constructive way that still enhances the look of the venue.
You could arrange the reception tables around the outside of the pool as a barrier and have the chairs placed on the other side. This way guests will be facing the pool without reaching it. Decorative elements can also be placed around the edge of the pool. This could include candles, greenery, moss and flowers. With access to the pool restricted, you could also place lighted floating elements such as lanterns and candles alongside lush florals in the pool.

Charming Wedding Pool Decor

Give your poolside wedding venue a dreamy and fairytale look with natural and beautiful pool side wedding décor to die for. Use these wedding pool party decoration ideas to your advantage for the most romantic, fun and luxurious wedding. A poolside wedding is not only for the summer; it can be enjoyed in the fall and even in the spring.

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