Top 10 Wedding Themes For 2023


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Top 10 Wedding Themes For 2023

Wedding planning is always evolving, with new trends and themes emerging each year. While some couples prefer to stick with tradition, others want to be trendsetters and set the tone for the next wave of weddings.
If you’re looking for inspiration for your own wedding or are planning someone else’s big day, read on for the top 10 wedding themes for 2023! From classic elegance to bohemian chic, there’s something for everyone.

Top 10 Wedding Themes For 2023


A classic wedding theme connotes elegance and timelessness with subtle hues, classic suit styles, and traditional décor pieces. This timeless choice is often the most popular option for couples who want to let the beauty of their venue itself come through and still have a moment that feels special and unforgettable. A classic wedding may feature subdued pastels, a flowing satin ballroom gown, an ivory and gold tuxedo, and polished black leather loafers. This type of theme takes subtle hints from the past, bringing together all the romance and grace that creates classic, timeless beauty.


Nothing can capture the experience of a wedding better than a romantic theme. From beautiful gowns and suits to gorgeous centerpieces and bouquets, romantic décor offers a magical atmosphere for a traditional ceremony or reception. Consider soft roses, vibrant pink and mauve shades, and classic gold details for a traditional romantic look. Candelabras and chandeliers can add elegant touches to the decor, and lush greenery can give the setting a natural, whimsical look. This classic theme creates an atmosphere of sentimentality and romance, making it perfect for an unforgettable wedding.


Rustic wedding themes can create an atmosphere of vintage charm and nostalgia. This type of country-inspired theme incorporates natural elements, like burlap, lace, and wooden accents, to create a beautiful outdoor or indoor venue. Gingham and floral prints blend traditional farmhouse style with romantic touches, and the perfect mix of linen and cotton can give the décor a cozy, lived-in feel. Rustic weddings evoke the feeling of a family gathering and the spirit of familiarity, making them the perfect choice for an intimate and one-of-a-kind wedding.


For couples looking for something a little different, boho wedding themes are a perfect choice. Boho weddings are vibrant and full of color, but still, have a sense of whimsy and real relaxed atmosphere. Bohemian décor features bright floral patterns and intricate, embellished linens for a vintage-meets-modern effect. The perfect boho wedding features string lights, exposed brick, and decorative lanterns for a unique, exotic atmosphere. A boho wedding can be a cacarefreend non-traditional way to celebrate your special day.


For couples who want to feel like Hollywood royalty on their big day, a glamorous wedding theme can be a perfect choice. This type of wedding combines classic elegance with modern luxury, incorporating luxe materials like velvet and silk. Glamorous décor can feature deep colors, subtle metallic accents, and intricate floral details. To truly elevate the glam look, include additional details like crystal chandeliers and mirrored surfaces. Glam weddings create an atmosphere of grandeur and splendor, making them a fantastic option for couples who want their wedding to stand out.


Vintage weddings are popular for a reason, combining classic charm and modern elegance for a timeless look. This type of wedding theme allows couples to be imaginative with their décor, combining different styles from different eras to create something unique and special. Popular vintage choices include antique furniture, lace and, chiffon accents, ivory bouquets, and enchanting floral wreaths. Vintage weddings often have unique elements, like mismatched chairs and vintage plates, to create a one-of-a-kind look. Vintage weddings are perfect for couples looking for something romantic, timeless, and full of endless possibilities.


Destination weddings have become increasingly popular over the years, allowing couples to get married at a beautiful location of their choice. From beaches to mountains to foreign cities, the options are endless. Destinations weddings often feature a relaxed, vintage-inspired theme that reflects the surrounding natural beauty. Consider beach-inspired blues and greens, vibrant sunsets, and unique local décor pieces to create a unique atmosphere. Destination weddings offer couples the perfect opportunity to create a unique and special day that they will cherish for years to come.


Fairytale weddings are for couples who have always wanted to have a fairytale ending. This type of theme combines the magic of fantasy with the traditional elements of a wedding, allowing couples to feel like royalty on their big day. Fairytale decorations often include tons of tulle, vintage candelabras and chandeliers, and beautiful traditional gowns with billowing veils. Traditional colors such as gold and silver provide a beautiful accent to the décor, while accents like floral backdrops, lace curtains, and LED trees provide additional enchanting elements. Fairytale weddings let couples fully immerse in their dreams and create an unforgettable wedding experience.


For couples looking for a sleek, modern look, a modern wedding theme is a perfect choice. A modern wedding features clean lines and simple patterns for a straightforward, chic atmosphere. Interesting metallic pieces, sleek glassware and mirrors, and a combination of neutral colors can create a unique modern style. Couples should also opt for a monochromatic palette to create a truly contemporary look. Modern weddings are great for couples who want to stay modern and on-trend for their special day.


For couples looking for an intimate, romantic atmosphere, an intimate wedding theme is a perfect way to go. This type of wedding theme encompasses simple details and small details, like muted colors and minimal décor. Intimate weddings look beautiful with candlelight, flower accents, and few but elegant details. Couples who choose an intimate theme should embrace the subtlety of the look, with delicate fragrances, cozy textures, and bright colors. Intimate weddings offer couples a special way to find solace and celebrate the love they share with their closest family and friends.


Weddings should always reflect the personalities of the couple, and this means there’s no one-size-fits-all theme.

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