Who Sits on the Head Table at a Wedding?


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Who Sits on the Head Table at a Wedding?

Weddings are a beautiful celebration of love, commitment, and the joining of two families. Among the many traditions and elements that make up a wedding, the seating arrangement, particularly at the head table, holds special significance. The head table is often the focal point of the reception, where the most important guests are seated. But who exactly gets to sit at the head table at a wedding?

Who Sits on the Head Table at a Wedding

The Bride and Groom

Naturally, the bride and groom are the central figures at the head table. They are the stars of the day, and the head table is their place to bask in the joy and attention of their loved ones. This table is often positioned prominently so that all guests can see and admire the newlyweds.

The Parents

Traditionally, the parents of both the bride and groom have a place of honor at the head table. This inclusion symbolizes the joining of two families and shows respect for the parents who have supported the couple’s journey to this day. However, modern weddings sometimes see variations, with parents sitting at separate tables reserved for close family, allowing the head table to accommodate other key members.

The Wedding Party

The bridesmaids and groomsmen, who have supported the couple throughout their engagement and on the big day, often sit at the head table. This includes the maid of honor and the best man, who usually have prominent positions next to the bride and groom. Their presence at the head table acknowledges their significant roles and contributions.

Siblings and Close Family Members

In some weddings, siblings of the bride and groom are also seated at the head table. This can include brothers, sisters, and sometimes even close cousins, depending on the size and preferences of the families involved. Including siblings emphasizes the importance of family ties and shared joy in the celebration.

Close Friends

For couples with particularly close friendships, some head tables also include a few best friends who are not part of the wedding party but hold a special place in the couple’s hearts. This approach adds a personal touch and reflects the unique relationships that the couple values.

Variations in Modern Weddings

As weddings have evolved, so have the customs surrounding the head table. Some couples opt for a sweetheart table, where only the bride and groom sit, allowing them to have a more intimate experience during the reception. Others might have a large head table that includes both families and the wedding party, while some may choose a more casual arrangement with no designated head table at all.


The seating arrangement at the head table is a deeply personal choice for each couple and reflects their unique relationships and values. Whether traditional or modern, the head table symbolizes the love, support, and community surrounding the newlyweds on their special day.

When planning your wedding, consider what arrangement will make you and your guests most comfortable and cherished. After all, a wedding is about celebrating love in a way that feels right to you.

Furniture Prices

When it comes to setting up your wedding reception, budget considerations are crucial, especially for the head table. Here’s a rough estimate of furniture costs to help you plan:

  • Head Table: A standard head table can range from $200 to $500, depending on the size and materials.
  • Chairs: High-quality chairs for the head table might cost between $40 to $150 each.
  • Table Decor: Tablecloths, centerpieces, and other decorations can add another $100 to $300 to your budget.

These prices can vary based on your location and the level of customization you desire. Always compare different vendors and consider DIY options to stay within your budget while creating a beautiful and memorable setting for your special day.

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